1.) We walk your dog...

If you ever are short in time, we take your pet to the forest.
Under our loving and caring supervision, your dog is able to run with his kind (about 4-5 dogs per group); he can jump and play around or just enjoy the peace of the forest on his own. 

We pick up your dog within a radius of 2 KM from our location at no extra charge,
drive to the forest, walk him there for up to one hour and take him back home of course. Your dog will therefore be occupied and

extensively walked 

for about 1 or 2 hours (depends on booking), he will have the opportunity to exert himself to the full and will be happy and balanced.

For you, this therefore means a bit more freedom for yourself.
We restore up to 1 hour of your (free) time by taking charge of the time part of dog keeping and if you wish, we will do that for seven days a week. We guarantee variety and fun for your pet through the group experience and with the aid of our supervision. 

Your dog will appreciate it!